“I’ve killed you before… I’ll kill you again…” 


“Horror in the Night” Adapted by Lance Roger Axt from the story by Harvey Kurtzman.


The nightmare comes every time Taylor falls asleep. A couple comes to check in to the cabin she owns. He looks harmless enough, but the wife… dressed in black like she’s going to a funeral… she’s so paranoid…


“Terror Train” Adapted by Butch D’Ambrosio from the story by Al Feldstein.


Ralph Broca’s out of the hospital and is traveling on one of the last old time steam trains with his wife. She thinks Ralph’s fine. The voice in his head says otherwise.


Starring Kevin Grevioux as the Vault Keeper. Featuring the voices of Lance Roger Axt, Hannah Daly, William Dufris, Paul Haley, James Herrera, Denise Poirier, Michael Rafkin, Lisa Stathoplos, Jennywren Walker, Ashanti Williams, Janay Woodruff. Directed by William Dufris.


Adapted from issue #12 of “The Vault of Horror”. Visit us at and

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