“Welcome, dear listeners, welcome to the Vault of Horror! I’m so glad for the company, so few dare to make their way down here… they just don’t have the guts!”


“Portrait in Wax!” Adapted by Lance Roger Axt from the story by Johnny Craig.


In 1933, a talentless hack commits multiple crimes against his artistic roommate. Years later, the sculptor of some very unusual wax statues exacts a unique kind of justice…


“The Werewolf Legend” Adapted by Butch D’Ambrosio from the story by Gardner Fox and Harry Harrison.


1935, the English Countryside. Multiple deaths, the bodies torn to shreds. Is the Mallory curse real? And if so… is Walter Mallory its latest victim?


Starring Kevin Grevioux as the Vault Keeper. Featuring the voices of Lance Roger Axt, Joseph Bearor, Mariah Bergeron, Peter Berkrot, Rob Cameron, Steven Jay Cohen, Hannah Daly, William Dufris, Emily Grotz, Philip Hobby, Paul Hodgson, and Charlie Marenghi. Directed by William Dufris.


Adapted from issue #12 of “The Vault of Horror”. Visit us at and


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